Fighting against animal exploitation is the founding and core motivation behind QLTYKNTRL.

A passion for design supports the creation of critical and socially abrasive graphics.

Direct action and total animal liberation is the embodiment of the brand. We are all animals.


QltyKntrl, (Pronounced Quality Control) founded in 2018, is a Las Vegas based streetwear brand focused on raising vegan aWEARness. Creating bold designs with a purpose, Supporters of all forms of animal liberation activism, from direct action to marches to demos to outreach to lobbying to bearing witness to the slaughter of innocents, QltyKntrl provides designs for the army of activists fighting the war towards animal liberation. F**k speciesism. 

QltyKntrl designs vegan streetwear inspired by the anti-establishment cultures of their youth ranging from graffiti and tattoo culture to hip hop and pop culture.  With the rise of countercultures to the mainstream, the fight for animal rights is no exception. Paying respect to the Animal Liberation Front and mid '90s Streetwear, QltyKntrl remains true to their roots while honoring those that paved the way for today’s mashup.